Where do we stay?

There is no better way to boost team morale than by going on a tour together, and for many teams, this is as important as competing in the Football festival.

Attending Football Rocks Somerset is possible in a number of ways, including camping at our official site or organising your own alternative accommodation in the area.

You can either Bring Your Own tent or use one of our Pre-Pitched tents at the official campsite. Campers who choose the "Bring Your Own" option are welcome to bring their own tents, motorhomes, or caravans to set up at the designated campsite. Or, if you'd rather not worry about any of the preparation, you can have our Pre-Pitched set up and waiting for you.

A wide variety of pre-pitched tents are available, from those the standard tents that require you to bring your own sleeping bag to the deluxe bell tents, that come fully equipped with raised metal framed beds, duvets, pillows, memory foam mattresses, table, lamps, and more.